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barks of love

Barks of Love is an all-breed dog rescue in Orange County, CA that is the #1 non-profit rescue committed to match-making the perfect dogs with their perfect families. 100% No Kill and 100% Foster-based!

Barks of Love is recognized as a major resource for the welfare of abandoned and abused animals in Southern California. Our goal is to lower euthanasia rates in animal shelters. There is a desperate need for rescue facilities and organizations as an increasing number of dogs are being abandoned and neglected each day, especially when dog breeding and dog fighting are increasing at a staggering rate. We rehabilitate and re-train dogs that are able to qualify for adoption and a majority of the dogs we work with need a new permanent home. All dogs are kept in private foster homes where they receive the medical care and affection they require until a "forever home" is found that is deemed suitable by a Barks of Love Board Member. 


Huntington dog beach

Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach (AKA, Huntington Dog Beach) is funded solely through private donations; no public financing is used. Our Board of Directors serve as volunteers; while we do have several paid personnel (database management, financial management, etc.), all work on a part-time basis.

Approximately 90% of all donations go toward maintaining Dog Beach, providing doggie bags, signage (as required by the city), etc.  


Westie rescue of orange county & Beyond

Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond (WROC) is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) Westie rescue charitable corporation serving all of California.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for West Highland White Terriers, to help control the animal population by spaying and neutering our dogs before they are placed in permanent homes, and to provide the public with education about our breed and its needs.  Senior Westies have a special place in our hearts.  

Finding love against all odds, and the power of second chances for both people and dogs reminds us of just one of the beautiful things about senior dogs. These seniors are a testament to how animals can make us better people, and how it’s never too late for a senior dog to find love. 
Some might say these dogs are lucky, but often the people who have adopted them think that they are the lucky ones.  And, in each case, it is difficult to say just who has rescued whom.



FBRN's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home French Bulldogs in need from commercial breeding kennels, import brokers, public shelters, private rescue groups, owners or Good Samaritans. Our organization is comprised solely of volunteers who nurture and foster these dogs as well as provide education and training. Our goal is to place healthy and happy French Bulldogs into forever homes.


orange county society for prevention of cruelty to animals 

The mission of the OCSPCA is to foster the humane treatment of animals through: Education of the public, Financial assistance (to relieve animal suffering),  Promotion of the animal/human bond and Cruelty intervention.

Did You Know

The Orange County SPCA is not affiliated with any other SPCA or national organization. We are a local group serving the residents of Orange County.  There is no national SPCA, parent or sister chapters; each group is a separate entity.  Many people confuse local SPCA’s such as ourselves with nationally recognized groups that advertise on TV like the New York based ASPCA. When you donate to the ASPCA the money generally stays in New York.  The ASPCA does incredible work but the animals in our local community need your support.  We encourage people to make their donations count by giving to an Orange County charity.


Southern california golden retriever rescue

We are the original and only Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. Our dogs are all in foster homes, never kenneled, temperament tested, socialized and vetted prior to adoption. Our goal is to find the perfect home for each individual dog and each one has their own personal representative.  Our vision is to build a refuge – a sanctuary – to serve as a halfway house where each of our beloved Goldens can rest and recuperate, prior to being placed with a foster or permanent family and moving on in their new lives.